Chatbots for Travel Industry: How to build traveller-friendly chatbot

Travel Chatbots in 2024: Benefits for Business + 6 Use Cases

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However, 21% often feel frustrated during the process, and 55% are willing to switch providers due to inconvenience. Making changes and obtaining real-time updates also pose challenges for people. We have prepared a comprehensive overview of the most common use cases of travel chatbots, complete with excellent examples, to demonstrate the immense potential these tools hold. This chatbot template aims to provide users assistance with the planning of a beach vacation by informing them about the possible destinations and resorts.

  • Process payments directly in conversation and provide opportunities for your travelers to pay for add-ons and upgrades.
  • In today’s travel business, the pace of technological change and an increasingly tech-savvy and demanding consumer are giving travel and tourism operators a run for their money.
  • You can change your flight, name, and hotel, adjusting your bookings as you see fit.
  • Long forms are a painful and annoying experience for travelers who want to swiftly book a hotel, rent a car, or pay for their ticket.
  • The travel industry has seen quite a transformation in technology to stay ahead of competitors.

They can also recommend and provide coupons for restaurants or cafes which the travel agency has deals with. Travis offered on-demand personalized service at scale, automating 70-80% of routine queries in multiple languages. This shift not only improved customer satisfaction but also allowed human agents to focus more empathetically chatbot for travel on complex issues. is an incredible platform that can help you build mind-blowing travel chatbots at ease. From booking flight tickets to making hotel reservations, those travel chatbots can help you with all. With travel chatbots, travelers can receive real-time alerts straight to their phones.

Customer Stories

When integrated into travel businesses, chatbots offer a lot of benefits pre-, during, and post-booking, for travelers as well as for companies using them. AI-based travel chatbots serve as travel companions, offering continuous assistance, entertainment, and personalized recommendations from first greeting to farewell. Travel chatbots streamline the booking process by quickly sifting through options based on user preferences, offering relevant choices, and handling booking transactions, thus increasing efficiency and accuracy. Whether it’s on a website, a mobile app, or your favorite messaging platform, they’re the go-to for quick, efficient planning and problem-solving. They’re particularly adept at handling the complexities of travel arrangements, providing real-time support, and personalizing your journey based on your preferences. From lost baggage inquiries to understanding complex airline policies, travel chatbots can provide real-time support, eliminating long wait times.

chatbot for travel

When you eliminate the language barrier and interact with a customer in their native language, customers are more likely toprefer you to your competitors. However, there is a solution if customers ask questions that may be more complex, and the bot needs help to cope with them. Simply integrating ChatBot with LiveChat provides your customers with comprehensive care and answers to every question. ChatBot will seamlessly redirect your customers to talk to a live agent who is sure to find a solution. The amount of information, the flurry of events, and the things that need to be booked can be overwhelming. Finding the right trips, booking flights and hotels, looking for a travel agency…

Revolutionising the travel experience with chatbots in 2024

He led technology strategy and procurement of a telco while reporting to the CEO. He has also led commercial growth of deep tech company Hypatos that reached a 7 digit annual recurring revenue and a 9 digit valuation from 0 within 2 years. Cem’s work in Hypatos was covered by leading technology publications like TechCrunch and Business Insider. He graduated from Bogazici University as a computer engineer and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School.

And because you’ve automated the handling of routine queries, you’ve saved your customer service executives some precious time, allowing them to focus on more complex issues. Chatbots can be fine-tuned over time using the data collected through prior interactions with travelers. Coupled with AI and Natural Language Processing capabilities, the bot then becomes smarter and provides improved services and user experience. Chatbots, on the other end, are multilingual, offer instant responses, and 24/7 availability, which is ideal for customer-centric businesses such as travel companies, accommodation providers, or even destinations.


To experience its features, you can join the free trial and enjoy full access. Whether searching for a late-night snack spot in Paris or looking for travel tips while battling jet lag in New York, a travel bot is always ready for action. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Push personalised messages according to specific pages on the website and interactions in the user journey.

chatbot for travel

When chatbots are properly deployed, they can make tailored suggestions for customers that can prompt them to book their next trip with you. In this new context, automating some tasks becomes necessary and allows the tourism industry players to tackle some of the challenges posed by this new generation of travelers. Today’s travelers no longer go to their local travel agent in order to book their trips, they are more and more connected and digitally savvy, doing all their research online. As shown in a study conducted by Expedia, people end up visiting 38 websites on average while planning their travels and increasingly look for personalized offers and travel plans. Verloop is a conversational platform that can handle tasks from answering FAQs to lead capture and scheduling demos.

A travel chatbot is an automated virtual assistant that helps your customers complete a variety of travel-related tasks including making bookings, payments, finding an alternate flight or hotel options, and much more. It can also answer simple questions and point customers toward helpful resources. Botsonic is a no-code AI travel chatbot builder designed for the travel industry. With Botsonic, businesses can effortlessly integrate chatbots anywhere using basic scripts and API keys, making it hassle-free.

Google’s enhanced Bard AI Chatbot integrates with Google apps, expanding possibilities for travel and more – WiT – Web In Travel

Google’s enhanced Bard AI Chatbot integrates with Google apps, expanding possibilities for travel and more – WiT.

Posted: Fri, 22 Sep 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

In this guide, we’ll break down how you can revolutionise your travel experience with chatbots in 2024 to build a loyal customer base and delight customers with every interaction. In a world where customer experience is crucial to business success, BotPenguin provides the ultimate solution to enhance customer engagement, increase conversions, and drive business growth. Your travel company requires a  chatbot for travel to stay ahead of the competition, give customers a top-notch customer experience, and keep them interested.

They ease the burden on your support team

Bid goodbye to your lead capturing method where you have to manually take care of each request. Instead, try this lead generation chatbot where all your queries can be handled without your interference and can provide essential information to customers around the clock. If you have a travel agency and want to focus more on generating leads from the amazing last minute deals that differentiate you from the rest, then this chatbot template is for you.

  • Deliver immediate, multilingual, 24/7 support and escalate complex queries to agents when necessary.
  • Botsonic offers custom ChatGPT-powered chatbots that use your company’s data to address customer queries.
  • Personalization and the fact that their conversations resemble live ones are essential when talking to chatbots.
  • No matter how hard people try to get through their travels without a hitch, some issues are unavoidable.
  • With the goal of streamlining the booking process and minimizing human involvement, they turned to

Integration with augmented reality and IoT technology may create immersive, real-time planning, transforming how consumers engage with the world. Implementing travel chatbots dramatically reduces operational costs by automating repetitive tasks. It can help agents with operations like sending confirmations and managing bookings.

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